Monday, September 29, 2008

We Slept in our Bed!!!

So, we have had 2 nights in a row of Lily sleeping in her crib ALL night!!!! We spent about an hour the other night playing in her room, she has always liked being in there just not sleeping in there. That night she fell asleep in our bed and Jeff moved her in her bed around 10:00pm and she slept until 6:30!!! You would think that meant a good night sleep, but I think I got up and checked on her at least 4 times. LOL Anyway the following night she actually fell asleep in her bed, so we are making great progress :)

We also went to Fox Ridge State Park on Sunday, the weather was great and Lily had a great time playing outside, hopefully this will not be one of the State Parks closing on November 1.

Jeff and I also had our first date night since coming on with Lily which was almost 14 months ago!!! We went with a group from church to see the new movie called "Fireproof". Our town of 20,000 was originally not going to show the movie because they didn't not think there would be much interest but after several phone calls I am thrilled to say that ALL showings SOLD out. If you have a chance to see it please go, it was a wonderful movie on relationships and how God can bring any relationship closer together.

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Well we have been pretty busy with soccer games these last two weeks, Nick scored 3 goals in the game the other night for a hat trick!!! Let's just say he was very excited. Just a few pictures from this last week, Lily's new thing is just pull her pants down. She will be outside playing when all of a sudden you look over and she has her pants down, she finds it very funny. We also started some speech classes last week for Lily, first session she says 5 new words!!!! I will do the same thing with her as the speech therapist and she just stares at me, then for the lady, who Lily really likes just tries every work she asked her to say???!!! I think once we can can the pacifier gone,she will be talking none stop. Have a great weekend :)

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

We didn't do a whole lot over the weekend. It was nice to just stay home and relax. Nick had three soccer games Friday and Saturday. He did really well on Friday, he scored two goals and got his picture on the front page of the local newspaper. He thought that was pretty cool. Today (tues) I had the day off from work and took Lily to a nearby state park and went for a bike ride. She loves to be outside and is so curious about everything around her. It is fun to stand back and just watch her.