Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Home 1 day and in the hospital the next!!

Home and doing fine now but on Saturday coming home I started to feel bad. Same time last month I was having alot of pain, called to get an appointment with my female doctor because I thought it was female related, they could not get me in for 3 weeks, dealt with the pain it was gone in about 3 days. So Saturday and all Sunday I started drinking lots of water and cranberry juice thinking it might be a bladder infection. Got to work on Monday and the pain was getting so bad I was in tears and feeling like I had to pee ALL the time. Again, called doctor, one week til I could get in, someone told me of a walk in clinic decided to go that route,they didn't come in til noon, by then I was really crying, thank goodness the receptionist felt bad and had me see a nurse, took a urine test and ask alot of question. One of the doctors there said he would see me, bless his heart, I cannot tell you how thankful I was to him. Anyway he thought I might have a kidney stone, went had a CT, he asked they I come back over to see him. Said the stone was VERY large 6mm I guess was large for a stone, wanted to check me into the hospital right then. Thank goodness they had given me a shot for the pain!!!! So now I am on nothing but liquids til midnight, didn't eat breakfast, and at midnight the liquids stopped, xray at 6am surgery at 1:00pm which means I didn't eat for 45hrs!!!! The woman in the next bed had emergency surgery at midnight so let's say I got about 3 hours of sleep that night. I have to say I was a little scared at first, the doctor doing the suregery actually goes to my church and does these procedure over in Haiti once a year at no charge, was wonderful and even came in to say a prayer with me before the surgery since I was a little worried. He had told me earlier they may have to put a stint in, well as you know my grandmother passed away about 2 months ago while having stints put in, so I was a little worried. Well, the stone was removed with no stint needed, doctor said it was lodged in there pretty good, Jeff said it looked like a bone grinded with little spikes everywhere, that's why I was in so much PAIN!!! Just glad to be home, in little pain still, took my vicodin and headed to take a nap now, boy that stuff is strong and I only took one. I still have another stone in my right kidney only 1mm though, said I might think of a procedure where you sit in a bath like where there sounds waves break it down?? Doctor said other stone was too large for that process, anyway so very thankful this did not happen in Florida!!! Ready to get back to normal. Jeff has been amazing, thank you honey and the boys both stepped up to help with Lily so much, she came to see mommy, pretty wild so she didn't get to stay too long kept trying to jump on my belly. So sweet before she left she said, "by mommy now lay down" LOL

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Wonderful Vacation!!

Well, we got back aroung 12:30 am Sunday, 17 hour trip home and Lily did amazing!!! We had a hotel booked for about 10 hours into the trip but Lily was being so good we decided to go the whole way. She then decided she was wide awake at 1:30 am and finally wound down about 2:00am and getting up at 7:00am, needless to say we are tired!!! The weather was great, had a couple cool days but we used those for shopping and Disney. I have to say, Lily enjoyed Disney and loved the rides but compared to the other theme parks the Disney rides seem really outdated, just my opinion. lol We also spent one day at the Beach in Clearwater, kind of disappointed there too, it had a ton of sea weed, but again Lily was great and enjoyed playing in the sand. It was so much fun to see Lily, Sammy and Sophie together!!! Lily, loves the water and has no fear, refuses to wear water rings and walks around in the pool til it hits her chin, then she says, "too deep" turns around and head back. She was jumping off the sides and eventually doing the nest tea pludge backwards into the water!!!! Anyway, had a great time, glad to be home and headed back to work tomorrow:)

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Headed to Florida!!!

We will be heading out tomorrow morning for Florida, bags are packed, house is clean, sunshine here we come!!! LOL Will post pictures soon:)