Monday, November 10, 2008

My Baby is 2!!!!!

Lily celebrated her 2nd birthday on Sunday, her celebration actually started with party Saturday evening, one Sunday afternoon, followed by Chinese at our favorite restaurant. It was so sweet as soon as we walked in the young gal said, "oh it's Lily's birthday" can't believed she remembered, she also gave her a sweet gift, she along with her husband are from Fujian and always treat Lily like a little princess when she comes in:) She had a great time, can't believe she is already 2 though, where did the last year go?

I wondered that day, did her birth mother remember it was her birthday? I am sure she did and probably shed a few tears, as we said our prayers that night we prayed that somehow her mother would know she was safe and very much loved. As I looked down at Lily with her little hands crossed peeking up at me as we prayed I thanked God for the mother who gave her life and for allowing me to take over when she had to let go.