Wednesday, July 29, 2009

"Gotcha Day" 2 year anniversary

I can't believe it's been 2yrs since we first met our Lily. She was not a very happy little girl that day, missing her foster mom very much. We are so thankful that she was well cared for and loved so much. I can remember after she had fallen asleep from crying so much that first evening just looking down on the bed and seeing that perfectly shaped little head covered with lot's of black hair and thinking, "wow we have been so blessed"!!! I was in love, and almost in disbelief that she was finally right there in front of me. She has brought us many laughs these past 2yrs and a little stress too, but what 2yr old doesn't. We still feel truly blessed that God has entrusted this precious little one to us and can't imagine life without her. Just some pictures from the last 2 yrs.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Blake is 21?!!!!!

I apologize it's been forever since I posted last. Our biggest news is Blake officially moved out the first of June, took sometime to get use, I still get to see him since I am still doing his laundry (LOL) and every Tuesday we have a family diner night since that is Nicks's day off. Secondly and I don't know it 's possible because I am so young, that Blake turned 21 on July 23rd. LOL Anyway just some pictures from the last few weeks. Oh yes and we have a new puppy, he name is Yaddy and all I can say is Lily loves her, but poor puppy!!! LOL