Monday, November 09, 2009

Our Baby is 3

Lily turned 3 today and acts like she is 5!!! We had a family party yesterday at the gymnastics complex, she loves gymnastics and knew she would enjoy it. They got to participate in a class for and hour then cake, ice cream and of course the presents!!! Tonight we went out for Chinese came home to open present from mom and dad and have spent the evening playing playdough and her new Kai Lan toys which is her favorite thing to watch. Yesterday as I sat in church a sudden sadness came over me and I thought what is going on, then I remembered how sad this day would be for her birth mother, I am sure she was thinking of you today and I prayed that somehow she would know you were ok and oh so LOVED.

Sunday, November 01, 2009

October is Over

I can't believe it's November where is the time going? Last weekend we spent a few days with one of our travelmates, Michael, Gina and Olivia. We had such great time, Olivia and Lily were so funny together and Lily was amazed at the chickens. Thank you guys for such a great weekend. Here are some of photos of that weekend and Halloween, Lily loved it this year, but does not like to share her candy. LOL