Thursday, January 22, 2009

Birthday Party

Well my baby boy turned 18 last Friday, we had a family party at home and as usual it was a little crazy. My nephew fell running and hit his ear on the corner of the steps and punctured clear through his ear and even left a small cut on the head where it went through the ear!!!!!!!!!!!!! After some bleeding and tears he was ready to eat cake and ice cream and play with all the cousins, thank goodness the rest of the evening was a little calmer. Here are some photos from that night:) A couple of Lily and her cousin Sohpie who is from Guatemala playing in Lily's room was just soooooo sweet, I told my sister in about a year they will run up to Lily's room to play and leave poor Samuel out. He did manage to make it into the bedroom and played with Lily's new dollhouse, so sweet to seem all play together:)

Friday, January 02, 2009

Time Out??

Am I a stinker??

What causes a timeout? Well today the two brothers babysat for Lily, my first text came asking what in the world we fed her for breakfast, eggs and an orange, "well she has Pooped twice already." LOL Next call I get, "guess what your daughter did now"? While Blake was emptying the dishwasher Lily decided to dump her baby powder on the carpet and end tables, just got the carpets cleaned Wednesday, oh well they smell good!! That did manage to get a time out, too scared to get down because the sweeper was running would be my guess of how they got her to stay! LOL Now the dog, we have a beagle who is 14 and Lily bugs the heck out of her, her next time out came from chasing the dog around the house pushing her highchair, which she finds very funny, Lily not the dog. LOL Anyway they all made it through the day and when I came home Lily and Blake both were fast asleep one on the couch the other in the chair, guess they both had a rough day.