Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Six months!!!

What an amazing six months, I remember standing outside that conference room on the third floor, my knees were shaking so bad, I don't recall ever be that nervous before. This picture is of Lily and her foster mom just minutes after she entered the room. I remember leaning to Jeff and saying, "she is so beautiful", not knowing yet that she was my daughter!!!! Lily has been such a blessing to our life, you many people say, "how lucky she is", truly we are the lucky ones. Although we had a very rough first few hours, she is now a very happy and outgoing little girl. She is full of energy and makes us laugh alot, we love you Lily so very much and are so happy that we are your forever family.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Dare Devil

Well Lily has now become a dare devil, almost falling as I type. She loves to be on the couch, runs back and forth and has almost gotten the "getting off" figure out. We still have to gate most of the house, she is great at climbing stairs but not so good on coming down and with 15 wooden steps I am in no hurry with her doing that by herself. Her big brother go her a recliner for Christmas and she thinks she is pretty big stuff, she now thinks it's pretty funny to stand up, now climbs on the armrest and just smiles and claps for herself!!!! She is so funny and so full of energy, can't believe we have had her six months!!!! She has a fear of nothing, with her brothers always throwing her in the air, no wonder she thinks she can stand on furniture???

Friday, January 25, 2008

Samuel is Coming!!

We just heard that Samuel has his Consulate Appointment on February 12th, which is also his birthday!!! YIPPY!!!!! We cannot wait to get this little cutie pie home, and praying Sohpie comes soon after so Miss Lily can get to know her new cousins.