Monday, February 23, 2009

Alot of Stuff

Just some fun pictures from last couple of months.

This last month or so has bee a little crazy and I apologize for so much time in between post. Nick got notice a little over 3 weeks ago he was losing his license for 1 yr!!!!!! He had 2 tickets in 24 months, we are still working on that, forgot what it was like having to drive your kid around, but I think we are making head way thanks to grandpa knowing the State's Attorney

Then, two weeks ago today my Grandma passed away very unexpectedly. She went in to have 2 stints put in for poor circulation to the legs, after a long surgery something was hit and the bleeding they were hoping would stop. Once she was taking to ICU they very quickly realized the blood was not clotting and she sadly bleed to death. Although she had been wanting to be with Jesus for a long time, not the way we have hoped she would go. But now she is in the presence of God our King and singing his praises and seeing the man she had loved for so many years here on earth.

Things are now slowing back down and we are preparing for a long needed trip to Florida the first of April, so ready for the sun and just laying around.

Hope everyone else is doing great, will stop by to visit you all soon:)