Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Summer is Over!!!

Where is the world did summer go to? Lily keeps asking about going swimming, or to the ballgame or the soccer game, but I keep telling her summer is over to which her reply is, "oh no"!! We got to meet with Michael, Gina and Olivia before summer ended which was alot of fun, the girls always have so much fun together. Lily has also started taking gymnastic 2 weeks ago and she LOVES it!!! We are doing great in the potty training, thinks she is big enough for school but can't understand why she can't go? Soon enough sweetie, let's not rush it. Not really sure I am glad summer is over because it honestly just flew by, oh well guess I need to start thinking about Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas since they will probably be here before we know it. Hope everyone had a wonderful and relaxing summer:)