Friday, October 31, 2008

Trick or Treat

Lily really enjoyed Halloween this year, it started last week going to 2 church truck or treat parties, the YMCA, followed by a party at daycare yesterday morning. First, her favorite treat are SUCKERS, think she had at least 4 last night. She started out a little clingy but by the third house is was a pro. She loved knocking on the doors although I am pretty sure they couldn't hear her little taps but once in she was headed straight toward the candy bowl picking out a few for herself. She was a trooper and was not in bed til 10:30pm, thinking she would sleep in, ha!! she was up at 6:30 asking for Kai Lin to be put on followed by a whining spell because she wanted a sucker for breakfast,ok I gave in but it was followed by a bowl of cereal, think we are going to need to hide the candy and she's not even 2 yet!!!! Just a few pictures of a cute little St. Louis Cardinal Cheerleader

Monday, October 27, 2008

Let's figure out....... What to do?!!!

Up until about 3 weeks ago Lily was really not interested in watching tv, I would put on ni hao, Kai-lan, she liked the music and would watch about 5 minutes and then be off again. Well that has changed, she now loves ni hao Kai-lan and wants to watch it all the time!!!!! We have almost all of them on the dvr and so she now yells out K when she wants it on, which is way too cute, but boy I think we are all getting tired of it. LOL Every once in a while you can sneak in a Backyardigans and she will watch it, but nothing else. I have bought the only dvd out which came with a cute HoHo doll and I am really hoping they start merchandising some of the other characters. I am excited that of all the shows she could watch she picked this one, she will yell out the Chinese words when Kai-lan ask, it is just way tooooo cute!!!!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Home Coming and Hong Kong Guide

Over the last few weeks Nick has had his Home Coming followed by a reception we attended welcoming our guide from China here to the states. There were over 200 hundred who attended all eager to say hello to a woman who was amazing and made our time in China wonderful. Have some photos of Nick and Lily before the Home Coming and then some at the reception of Lily and her friends Olivia and Maimie. It was so nice to see everyone again, it was a fun evening but wow did Lily wear me out. She had 2 naps that day and was full of it!!!! She would just go up to anyone, climb up on a chair and enjoy whatever snacks they may be having, girl is not shy. LOL Again, we have just been so busy lately, and preparing for the BIG 2 yr birthday party here in a few weeks. :) Hope everyone is having a wonderful Fall!!!!!