Monday, May 07, 2007


Well it seems that we will finally be in the next batch of referrals!!!!!! The last set of referrals which came out in May went through Nov.1 our lid is Nov.3, we just missed it by 2 days this month. It was kind of rough the first couple of days being so close, but soon realized that a month would be nothing after two years of waiting.

Now the wondering begins, how old will she be, will she be tiny and laid back like Blake or have round chubby cheeks and be full of energy like Nick? Whatever her age, size or personality is, we know she will be perfect for us and we cannot wait to be her forever family.

We love you Lily

Mom, Dad, Blake and Nick


Shannon said...

I'm very excited for all the Nov LIDs. I'm looking forward to sharing in your joy.