Sunday, December 02, 2007

Shopping in St. Louis

We spent Saturday shopping in St. Louis with one of our travel group members, Mike and Gina. It was nice to see them again and see how their daughter Olivia has changed. I'm not sure if Lily and Olivia remember each other or not but they seemed to like playing together. Lily had her first visit with Santa, as you can see in the picture she didn't think too much of him.


Amy said...

My Olivia hated seeing Santa too! I'll be posting some pics of it once family & friends receive our Christmas cards. Hopefully next year they won't cry :)

Michael and Gina said...

Why is that mean old Santa pinching Lily!?!?!? :) She was great all day, that must be the explanation!!!

Thanks for the pics - I will probably steal one for a photo album since we only got the camera out to take pics of you. Will send those once I get them off the camera.


RoLo said...

heheh I love these photos, double trouble heheheh

Amy said...

Thanks for your nice comments :) I'm hoping Olivia's foster mom has pics of when Olivia was tiny - she stayed with her from the age of 5 to 11 months.