Friday, February 29, 2008

New pictures

Met up with a friend from church Craig Adams who has beautiful twin girls from China named Zoie and Olivia . We had such a fun time getting the girls together, and boy do they keep Craig busy. LOL Craig will be heading back to Beijing next week so we felt very fortunate to have met the girls, they are such sweeties:)

Also have some new pictures of Lily and her cousin Samuel who joined mommy and daddy from Guatemala the first of February. As you can see Lily tries to be in charge and they had a blast playing their first game on the WII.


Becky said...

What a small world adoption is, I've seen Craig's website before. Maybe you had posted about it on the message board? I don't know. Samuel looks absolutely adorable and I bet Samuel and Lily are going to love being cousins! Hopefully, soon she'll have a little girl cousin home soon!

Amy said...

Super cute glass & Nuk :)