Monday, March 10, 2008

Mommy's Big Girl

Here is just a few pictures, Lily's new favorite thing is to help mommy in the kitchen, she has her chair pulled up and likes to help cook and finish with the dishes. We have tried to help load but usually end up standing on the lid and pulling out knives so we stick to the sink for her. She loves her babydolls and little kitty, which will always be stuffed, she just sways back and forth with them giving them hugs. The pigtails are daddy's first attempt to 2 pigtails, he did great!!! He has mastered the one on top and is now getting ready for the summer, he says the key is to contain her in the highchair, I on the other hand chase her around the house trying to get a bow in!! LOL We also have a new look, the corporate eyebrow or attitude, whichever works???


Ashley Winters said...

Love the photos of your darling little diva.