Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Florida trip

Here are a few pictures from our recent trip to Florida. We had a great time, the time went too fast but it was great to get away and get a taste of some warm weather. Amy now, I have to say we had a rough start to our trip, Lily had a double ear infection, sinus infection, sore throat in addition to getting 5 new teeth 3 days before we left. We felt after 3 days on antibiotic she would be better, but Friday we were calling the doctor from Georgia needing something else her fevers were non stop and just in obvious pain. Lily started feeling better by Wednesday, we went to the beach Thursday which she loved even though the water was very cold she didn't seem to mind and walked right in. The place we stayed at had a lazy river there and 2 days in a row she fell asleep, guess that is why they call it "lazy"!! LOL She loved being outside and just running, we also went to Fun Spot, they have go-carts and they has become a tradition when we go to F lorida. I have always loved go-carts and usually foot to the floor the whole time, but this new one, had me terrified, I once couldn't see at the top followed by a huge drop off and more screaming, but it was FUN!!! Lily got to ride on some smaller rides, we weren't sure how she would be but in the first pictures you see a tear in her eye, that is not from fear, that was because we tried to take her off the ride. The young boy was very nice and let her ride for about 15 minutes and of course when he went to unbuckle her she threw herself back and started to cry!!! Overall the trip was great, just wish Lily had not been so sick the first few days, poor baby. She is feeling great and more onry then ever.


Gina (Caleeo) said...

Oooooo, I have been waiting and waiting to see pictures! They are sooo great! Love those yellow shades. Everyone looks great - Lily is adorable!

Anonymous said...

Poor little Lily! Glad she is on the upside of things now! The warm waether looks heavenly.

Amy said...

I hope Lily's feeling better. Your trip looked so nice & warm! We're having a winter storm tonight, so I don't know when we'll feel the warmth.

Kelly & Sindy said...

Thanks for stopping by Amy! Lily
is so pretty and your Son's are
adorable!!! I love the Florida
pics!! How did Lily do at Disney
I want to take Allie there sometime this summer?

Take Care,


Becky said...

I have been such a bad blogger friend and am catching up on all the entries! I am sooo jealous that Lily rode a ride all by herself! I tried with Regan at the fair a couple of months ago, but she kept trying to stand up. Not so cooperative! I love the new template, it is so pretty!

Amy said...

Oh Florida looks nice! I've never been there. Hopefully we'll get there someday.