Monday, November 09, 2009

Our Baby is 3

Lily turned 3 today and acts like she is 5!!! We had a family party yesterday at the gymnastics complex, she loves gymnastics and knew she would enjoy it. They got to participate in a class for and hour then cake, ice cream and of course the presents!!! Tonight we went out for Chinese came home to open present from mom and dad and have spent the evening playing playdough and her new Kai Lan toys which is her favorite thing to watch. Yesterday as I sat in church a sudden sadness came over me and I thought what is going on, then I remembered how sad this day would be for her birth mother, I am sure she was thinking of you today and I prayed that somehow she would know you were ok and oh so LOVED.


Monica said...

Happy 3rd Birthday, sweet Lily! Looks like you enjoyed a great Kai Lan party!

Monica and Maimie

Gina (Caleeo) said...

Happy Birthday Lily! The cake looks great!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, Lily has grown up sooo much!

I know what you mean about the sadness for her birth mom. I feel that for Jane's Chinese mom.

Amy C

Kiy said...

How is it possible that our little gals are growing so fast? The days just fly. What a wonderful birthday its sounds like Lily had.

I too think about a mother's arms, so far away, empty. And hope she knows, in her heart, that her little girl is so very, truly, loved.

Happy Birthday, Sweet Lily,

Kiy and Emi

Maddys Mom said...

Happy 3rd Birthday Lily!! Looks like Kai Lan all around.

I know what you mean about feeling a little sad for her birthparents. I get a little sad at times knowing what a wonderful girl they are missing out on having in their life.

Faith, Hope, and Love said...

Happy Birthday to Lily!!! That sure looks like a fun party to me!

Oh..don't your heart just break for the birth mommies? I can't imagine letting go. If only there was a way to let them know how much we love our children and that they ARE okay.


Anonymous said...

Amy, I could have sworn I commented on this! I know what you mean about your baby girl's (mean big girl's) birth mom! Happy Birthday to her.

I am taking Jane's blog private. I would love to invite you. If you want to follow please email me at

Louanne said...

happy birthday (belated) to your sweet girl. looks like fun