Thursday, April 02, 2009

Headed to Florida!!!

We will be heading out tomorrow morning for Florida, bags are packed, house is clean, sunshine here we come!!! LOL Will post pictures soon:)


KC said...

Enjoy the Sunshine State! Are you visiting Mickey too? My home town is just minutes from Disney, wish I could go too! :)

Kiy said...

Oh wow, how wonderful! Do you have any spare room in a suitcase or two? Miss Emi and I could easily be talked into crashing your vacation. I just heard that April is supposed to be colder and wetter than usual here. Gee, what fun. ;)

Seriously though, have a fabulous time!


Gina (Caleeo) said...

I hope you guys have a great trip!

The Wrights said...'ve been a busy little family! You all deserve a vacation! Have a great time!

Becky said...

Have fun you guys! Where exactly in Florida are you going? We live in Cape Coral, which is in the SW region. So many people love to come here, and I would love to get out!!!

Shawnstribe said...

meme me me...pls take me too!!!!!!
have a brilliant time

Across the Ocean Blue said...

Lucky you!

Maddys Mom said...

Have a great time!!! Can't wait to see your pics.

Allie and Hannah said...


Hope you all had a great trip
cant wait to see the pics, I
hope you have a wonderful Easter!