Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Prom, Mothers Day and other stuff

Just some pictures of Nick and his last prom:( Love the one with him, his brother in the tshirt and his buddies, one of the things I Love most about Nick is crazy personality and not afraid to still be a kid and have fun:( Not alot of pictures from Mother's Day not sure how that happened, but you can see in Lily's hand is a small purple flower, she came running to me yelling out, "Happy Mothers Day" and handed me that beautiful flower, talk about melting your heart:)

Still having one small health issue, my trigliceride count is extremely high, seeing a dietary consultant next week on how to get that lowered? From what I have read and been trying to do, not much alot of fun food on that diet. LOL On a good note, my diabetes test, thyroid test and mammogram all came back fine!!!!! Hope everyone is doing well and had a wonderful Mother's Day.


Diana - FreeStyleMama said...

Great pics!

day by day said...

Great prom pics! Glad you had a nice Mom's Day!!!

Anonymous said...

I am off to the doc next month for the tests...UGH! but we must take good care of ourselves. our little ones need us to!

LOVE the prom pict!

Our Journey to Leilah Grace said...

Amy, thanks for the comments on our blog. You are always too sweet! We also just celebrated 2 proms, one for my ds and the other my dsd. What a month!
On another note, we hope to be DTC tomorrow or Monday for our sweet Olivia Xia. She is waiting for us in XuZhou, Jiangsu. You can check out her blog at if you like. We are hoping to travel in Oct. or Nov. to get her!
Thank you for checking in on us.
Sheri (Leilah Di and Olivia Xia's Mommy)

Maddys Mom said...

Hope you can get your levels under control. Great prom photo!

Happy belated Mother's day too!

Anonymous said...

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