Thursday, July 03, 2008

Seems like our Lily is starting to act a little more like a toddler then a baby:( She is starting to be really be independent, starting to "role play" with certain toys. She loves being outside and has learned how to open the backgate, she will just wave good bye and wonder around the yard, so serious, like she is really going somewhere. She is also getting use to her sandbox but prefers not to sit in it. She is showing a little of her attitude while eating her popsicle, it's so funny she will give you the brows down look, then turn around open her eyes wide and just smile, girl is full of personality!!! And lastly, her convertible bug car, is she cool or what ???? Thank goodness we have a few years before she's driving especially since she prefers to go in reverse. LOL


Briana's Mom said...

Love the "attitude" popsicle shot! She is such a cutie!

Kelly & Sindy said...

Love all the new pics!!! Happy 4th

Lots Of Hugs,


Shawnstribe said...

its such a sutle change isn;t moment they are still our babies....then the next...a blossoming toddler : )
Aila is teaching me not to wish time away...every moment with her is special and precious....mmmm....maybe not the toddler tantrums!!!!

Eileen said...

Love the car! I want one! :-)

Louanne said...

Very cute! I love her "bug"