Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Fun day

Today we had the day free and our guides took us to a market that had mainly jewelry and stone carvings and artwork for sell by local artists. After that we went to a tea house which was very interesting. It had two girls that prepared different types of tea for us to sample. They prepared it the traditional way using clay pots, they showed us how to drink the tea which required alot of slurping. It would be like a wine tasting in the states. After that we went to KFC, chicken in China is the same as in the states. We really haven't had alot of traditional Chinese food to speak of. Our guides have only been to this province once and are not sure where it is safe to get good food. Lily is adjusting great. She is always smiling and very happy she is attaching to all of us very well even though Nick is still her favorite, she is warming up to Amy and I. The picture of Nick with the girls is from the tea house. The Chinese culture is amazing. Every morning around 6 am there are hundreds of people in the local park and on the streets doing tai chi and exercising. After around 10 am there are very few people out in the park because it is so hot. Most of the people that are out in the afternoon are playing cards in the shade. It is a real adventure to just cross the street. There must not be any traffic rules because you will see cars that look like they are driving the on the wrond side of the street and there are scooters and bikes everywhere. They will ride the scooters on the sidewalks so you have to watch your back or they will hit you.


The Wrights said...

Keep those wonderful pictures coming.... I love looking at her cute little face!

Lane said...

I love the picture of her waving. I can't wait to see her in a week. Teri says HI.