Monday, August 13, 2007

We need sleep

Lily is doing great during the day, she is pretty much staying up all day and is happy. We wish she would sleep a little more during the night. She must not be used to the time change yet. She will sleep in her crib for about an hour the she is ready to play. We have been trying to keep her up during the day so she will sleep all night, but it is not working yet. She is not fussy she just wants to play all night.


RoLo said...

So precious
Hope you get some well deserved rest soon.

Tracy said...

Such a cutie! I hope that she starts sleeping better at night :)

LID 11*22*05 - NEXT!!!!!!!!!!

Beth said...

Welcome Home Everyone. Happy to read that your journey home was a smooth one. I just have to say that I LOVE that little green dress. Our Hope has the same one...actually came off the plane in it when we arrived home. :)