Thursday, August 02, 2007

Last day in Fuzhou, we wil be heading to the police station for her passport later this afternoon and will be flying out around 7:20 for Guanzhou. All three girls got together in Gina's room last night for a playdate and did pretty well, mostly just starring and trying to grab at faces. Being here in Fuzhou has been amazing just to see their culture. In the evening they gather down the road from the hotel in an open area and dance, last night we had the joy of watching little ones learning to skate and ride bikes. We also had three little girls running around us and giggling, they later came up and asked how we were doing? They spoke very good english, although we are ready to move onto the next step to heading home, I will miss Fuzhou and the people. Think we have some photos of the girls from last night, enjoy.



janice said...

Hi all.... I love the new pictures. The one with the ribbon in it is darling. Hope everything is still well. You are seeing so very much that is great. Went to ballgame last night. We are taking BLAKE out to eat tonight. The 3 little girls looked so sweet together. Have fun....see you soon.