Saturday, August 11, 2007

We are finally home

We finally made it home. The flight was around 15 hours, which seemed like twice that. Lily was very good on the flight and it is great to be home. Lily is still on China time when it comes to sleep. We tried to keep her up last night but she fell asleep around 9:00 pm and woke up around 1 am and she was up until around 5:00 am. Her and Amy slept in until 11:30. Hopefully we can get her adjusted soon. Other than the sleep schedule she is doing great, it seems like she is happy all the time. The only time she is fussy is when she needs changed or when she is hungry. We are so lucky and happy to have her home. It was great to see everyone at the airport and it was great to see Blake meet his baby sister for the first time.